Everything you need to know about private 24-hour care at home

The purposes of private 24-hour care in your own home have many advantages. For example increased quality of life for both patient and relatives, increased focus on presence and care, customized private nursing care as needed, and security in everyday life in one’s familiar surroundings. This article provides an overview of who can benefit from a course and the advantages of private nursing care at home.

Who may need 24-hour care at home?

Private 24-hour care at home is often provided for the following groups of patients:

  • Palliative and terminal patients who need pain relief and care in a stable and safe environment during their last days, where the desire for personal freedom is an important factor
  • Dementia patients who want a calm and stable everyday life, where the desire for an everyday routine according to the patient’s personal needs takes center stage and where calm and regularity are important
  • Older people with a need for home care and help with everyday tasks

The many benefits of private 24-hour care at home

The benefits of private 24-hour care at home are plenty, but perhaps the most important thing about 24-hour care at home is that everything is done on your terms. There are no external rules to be respected, for example set times for meals or waking up in the morning, and everything is done as you want and when you want it to be done.

24-hour private nurse

You have constant support 24/7, so you don’t have to worry about being left alone at times or without the vital care you need. That way, you don’t have to worry about your routine being disrupted because your private nurse will ensure that your care is carried out smoothly and according to your preferences.

Having 24-hour care also means that if you have complex care needs such as dementia, palliative care or specific nutritional needs, you can still be cared for at home.

Bring peace of mind to you and your relatives

With a private nurse, the patient and their relatives are also involved in the wishes of the patient and their relatives for everyday tasks such as: washing up, laundry, cooking or other wishes of the patient such as excursions and walks, etc. This helps to keep spirits high during what can be a difficult time for both patients and their families.

Having a nurse who is matched to you and your health needs is essential, but the nurse’s personality also matters a lot when deciding on private 24-hour care in your own home.

Independence supported

It also aims to support the independence of patients and their relatives by putting their needs first. Some days the patient may want to visit the local park with the nurse and feed the ducks, while other days the patient may just want to relax at home and watch their favorite movie or do a puzzle.

Nothing beats the safety and comfort a patient feels when they are in their familiar surroundings, which is why residential care at home is a great option for those who need extra support to continue living the lives they want.

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