Terminal care

Terminal care at home is a type of care that focuses on giving people with a serious or terminal illness the best possible quality of life in their final days. The purpose is to allow the patient to spend their last days in their own home, surrounded by loved ones, rather than having to stay in a hospital or hospice. The terminal care team is a team of experienced nurses who work together to ensure that the patient has the best possible nursing care and support. This type of care includes both physical and psychological support, as well as pain management and symptom control.

Terminal care at home allows the patient and the family to be close to each other in a safe and familiar environment, which can be valuable in their final days. It is important to note that terminal care in the home requires a lot of effort from family and caregivers, but it can also give the patient and the family a sense of control and empowerment at a difficult time.

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Terminal Care

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